Middle School

At Brent Subic the middle school student is challenged by course work in English, Math, Social Studies, Science, Physical Education, Art, Computer, Modern Language (Spanish/Mandarin/ESL), Band/Music, and Religious Studies. Teachers work through the curriculum to establish the fundamental skills students need to have mastered by the time they get to the upper school.

The life of a middle school student is often awash in the emotions of adolescence. At Brent Subic we recognize this fact and work with the students to come to grips with life’s uncertainties and ups and downs. A scheduled homeroom time helps to develop a close relationship between the students and their advisor. Guidance and perspective are shared; students develop life skills. Topics are discussed that will help our students make informed decisions when faced with life’s challenging moments.

Parents are a key component to developing a child’s decision-making abilities and healthy habits. Our life skills curriculum is shared by topic area at the beginning of the year, with reminders sent when we move to a new unit. When discussions at school are teamed up with similar discussions at home, the student is able to develop their own criteria for decisions to be made.