Early Learning Center

The Lower School Curriculum is unique as it is drawn from the best international sources worldwide to ensure we provide our students with diverse experiences that better enable them to work in a global community.

We use the North American developmental philosophy, which places a heavy emphasis on experiential, hands-on learning. This has been proven to allow students a deeper level of comprehension than the traditional model, which focuses on rote memorization at the expense of comprehension and transfer of knowledge. We also work to develop the whole child, which includes fostering social and interpersonal skills, often through collaborative projects.

Our schools Expected School-Wide Learning Results are integrated throughout our program to ensure the consistency of goals between the schools.

Through the curriculum, students are engaged in activities that are meaningful and encourage cooperation. They are required to be reflective and communicative. Individual learning styles are recognized and activities that the children are involved in are varied and interesting.

Homeroom teachers, Specialists and ESL teachers collaborate to ensure that topics of study are integrated into a variety of disciplines such as Art, Music and Computer Studies.

Curriculums are revised regularly to ensure we are up to date with new research and approaches to teaching worldwide.