Transportation Services


  1. Only authorized riders may ride the school bus. All riders must ride their assigned bus only. If there is a need to ride a bus other than the one assigned, transfer to another route, or change pick-up and/or drop-off point, a written request must be sent by the parent or guardian to the Transportation Office first thing in the morning, through the bus attenda

  2. The basic rule for student behavior on the bus is: be courteous to everyone.

  3. Bus riders are to obey the bus attendant and the driver at all times. In case of an emergency, remain quietly seated in the bus unless otherwise instructed by the bus attendant or driver.

  4. Parents, drivers, and caregivers are to drop off and pick-up students only at the door of the bus. Drivers and caregivers must have a Brent ID to pick up students.

  5. Riders are expected to board their bus upon arrival at the loading area in the afternoon. No loitering and no returning to lockers or the Canteen. Take care of business before going to your bus.

  6. Riders are to remain seated at all times. No standing, changing seats, or moving about while the bus is under way.

  7. Bags are to be stored under seats and out of the way. Keep personal items off the seats.

  8. Litter is to placed in the trashcans provided.

  9. The cost of any damage caused by vandalism to the bus or its accessories will be charged to the person or persons reponsible.

  10. Windows are to remain closed at all times. Never open the window or door to buy anything from street vendors..

  11. Avoid making unnecessary noise or creating distractions that might divert the driver’s attention.

  12. For the safety and well being of all bus riders, misbehavior of any kind cannot be tolerated. Misbehavior is defined as fighting, creating a disturbance, injuring other riders or acting in such a manner as to expose other harm, injury or threat. Other unacceptable behaviors are pushing, spitting, yelling, making obscene gestures, and using vulgar language.

  13. First Offense - Warning to the student by the Principal or representative of the Transportation Office. Parents may be contacted if the action is serious.

    Second Offense - Parents contacted by the Principal.

    Third Offense - Parents contacted by the Principal. The student may be suspended from the bus from 2 to 5 school days.

    Fourth Offense - A parent-student-Principal conference held. Student may be suspended from the bus indefinitely.

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