Why Choose Brent Subic?

You are about to begin a new journey. Some might be experiencing a new city, new language or even a new way of life. For some you may be looking for a new academic environment. Whatever the case may be, we know that there are many choices for you and your family. What makes our school the BEST choice in the region?


Since 1909, Brent Schools in the Philippines has been an international, private, Christian school that strives to develop individual students as responsible global citizens and leaders. Over time, Brent has grown into 3 campuses in different locations in the country – Baguio, Manila and Subic Bay. In the last 21 years, Brent Subic has given students the opportunity to develop their skills, build their confidence and progress onto some of the top universities worldwide.


Located in Subic Bay, one of the Philippines freeport zones which celebrates over 25 years of history. Brent Subic prides itself with a spacious campus surrounded by mountains and rainforests. The campus is safe and welcoming with a student community representing 24 nationalities and staff that comes from all over the world. Brent Subic is just 2 1/2 hours away from Manila and 30 minutes from Clark International Airport.

Nurturing Environment

Our warm, caring and positive environment gives students a safe place to grow, learn and succeed. Teachers and staff are deeply engaged in creating an atmosphere that gives students the opportunity to shine in their own unique way.

Balanced Education

As a school, we pride ourselves in offering quality international education which focuses on academics, sports, the arts, life skills and service learning.

Diverse Community

The BISS student body consists of more than 300 students representing 24 different countries.
Faculty members are recruited both internationally and locally. They are carefully selected for their professionalism, passion, skills, commitment and diverse experiences.

Internationally Accredited

To find out more about Brent’s Mission, Vision and Expected Schoolwide Learning Results, click here.