Frequently Asked Questions

Every family has a unique story. Often times many ask familiar, similar and good questions about admission to Brent Subic. We have compiled the most commonly asked questions to help better respond to you during each step of the admissions process.

Every family has a unique story. Often times many ask familiar, similar and good questions about admission to Brent Subic. We have compiled the most commonly asked questions and our responses to help make your time with our website most effective and helpful to your consideration of our school.

Inquiry (Is Brent Subic right for me?)

Our school year runs from August to May and includes at least 180 teaching days. Our holidays include Christmas, Easter and Philippine holidays.
Brent Subic offers Nursery to Grade 12.
Like the other Brent schools in the Philippines, BISS follows a Western (English-based) curriculum  accredited by the Western Accreditation of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and Council of International Schools (CIS) based in the United States and recognized by the Philippine Department of Education (DepEd). The IB (International Baccalaurette) Diploma Program is also offered in grades 11 and 12.
Classes begin at 8:00 AM on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and 9:00 AM on Thursday. All classes end at 3:00 PM everyday. Students are required to join at least one after school club or activity which may run until 4:00 PM.
The ideal number of students in ELC is 16; 18 in First Grade; 20 in Second Grade; and 24 in Third to Twelfth Grade.
We give equal opportunities to all applicants here at Brent. Every applicant will undergo an assessment and interview which will determine their acceptance and  placement. For Upper School applicants, admission is possible if they place at an ESL level of 3 or higher.

Document Submission

We may move forward to scheduling tests and interview dates only when all required forms and documents have been submitted to our office. 
Brent Subic assists students in getting a Special Non-Immigrant Visa that serves as a valid tour and study permit and is good for one school year under Philippine Republic Act 47(a)(2).
You may submit a Family Registry in the absence of a Birth Certificate.
All recommendation forms must be accomplished by the appropriate people: a subject or homeroom teacher and the Principal or Guidance Counselor. These forms are confidential and must be submitted to our office sealed in an envelope or mailed directly to us by the appropriate people. 
All documents submitted that is not in an English language must be accompanied by official and notarized English translations. 
Students from all Brent Schools who intend to transfer undergo a process that is facilitated by both schools’ Admissions offices. Get in contact with your campus’ Admission Office and they will assist you throughout the transfer.
Brent Subic operates on a rolling admissions and we accept applications all throughout the year.
Current/previous grade level, age, and the academic level determined through our entrance exams are all factors taken into account when arriving at a grade level placement decision. The family should consider their child’s current grade level and age in their application. 
Our Accounting Office accepts cheques, wire transfers and cash payments. You may get in touch with our Cashier by calling +63 (047) 252 6833 or sending us an e-mail to arrange your payment. Otherwise, you can opt to settle the testing and application fee on the day of your scheduled tests. 
Our Admissions Office tries their best to accommodate online applications for families who find it difficult to be physically present for a portion or even the entirety of the admissions process. You may contact us through e-mail so we can settle the best course of action for your case. 

Testing and Interview

Applicants may sit scheduled entrance exams when all document requirements have been met and the application fee settled. 
Each application submitted to our office are reviewed before corresponding test and interview arrangements are made. Depending on the grade level, age, and academic background, tests can take at least an hour and as long as 3 hours.
A standardised test measuring academic performance is given to all applicants from Grades 2 through 12. The exam has 60 items and covers Maths, Language and Reading. Applicants who are not native english speakers are also required to take a set of supplemental english language skill assessments. 
Applicants will be interviewed by up to three people from the Admissions Committee throughout the scheduled interview day.
Native english speakers no longer need to take an english language skill test.

Admission Decision

Brent School charges the Admissions Committee to make decisions in the best interest of the applicant, as well as in the interest of the specific grade level. The Admissions Committee of Brent School evaluates and considers the following:

  • evaluation of qualifying test results
  • review of academic records from the former school
  • recommendation from the former school
  • English language proficiency for regular students
    • English as a Second Language (ESL) is only available in grades 1-8. Applicants requiring ESL support in grades 9-12 will be subject to further evaluation.
  • presence of any learning differences, special needs or giftedness
  • interview with the applicant and his or her family

In accordance with its commitment to being a family school, special consideration is given to qualified siblings of currently enrolled students. Despite this consideration, there is no guarantee of admission.


  • An applicant is approved for admissions and the family pays the U.S. $500 non-refundable Slot Reservation Deposit.
  • The Admission Agreement from should be signed within three working days from the family’s receipt of the written notice of acceptance.

Wait Pool

  • An applicant meets all admissions requirements and is approved for admission, but space is not available in the grade level or program.
  • The family may choose to pay a refundable U.S. $600 to be placed on the wait pool.
  • The applicant will be notified as soon as space becomes available.
  • Brent International School Subic offers no guarantee that a space will open.
  • The name of the applicant will remain on the wait pool (only for the academic year accepted for) until a space opens or the application is withdrawn.


  • An applicant is not approved for admission.
  • The Admissions Committee is not able to predict success for the applicant at Brent International School Subic, either academically or behaviorally.
  • REAPPLYING:  A mandatory six-month waiting period is required before a second application.
  • The Admissions Office will keep the original application materials, and there is no need to pay the application fee if admission is sought within one year of the initial application.
  • New academic records, confidential evaluation forms, and entrance tests are usually required for the second application.

Grade 11 and 12 Applicants (IB)

IB is an internationally recognized and externally examined diploma program. It consists of two‑year courses spread over grades 11 and 12. As a result, it is rare to accept a new student into grade 12, especially in the middle of the year. If a course schedule can be made guaranteeing the student will meet graduation requirements, then an acceptance can be offered.