Varsity Sports and Activities

The Student Activities Office approves, schedules and coordinates all extra-curricular activities connected with the school. All students at Brent are eligible to participate in any school activity and to try out for any sports team. Students on Academic Probation or who have been found violating the School rules on smoking and alcohol use or who fail to maintain a citizenship grade average of 2 or above may have this privilege withdrawn. Before they are allowed to participate, students are required to complete a Student Activities Contract and have it signed by their parents or guardian.

All students are eligible to try out for Brent sports teams. The team coaches are responsible for team selection as well as discipline, equipment, and general behavior of the team. Once chosen, team members are expected to attend all practices and games scheduled. Dismissal of players from a team shall be handled jointly by the team coach and the Director for Student Activities. A student who is a member of a sports team is advised not to join a Club that requires a heavy commitment on the part of its members. All student athletes are representatives of Brent International School Subic and are expected to act appropriately.

Varsity Sports: