Student of the Month

May 2018

At a glance

Each month, Brent Subic’s IB Diploma Programme teachers will choose a student who embodies the featured Learner Profile.

For the month of May, we are featuring a student who embodies the learning profile REFLECTIVE.

Zyra has an open and wide perspective on herself. The responsibility she shows as she leads various activities including the production, Weekly Best, MUN and so many to list. I believe that such responsibility is coming from continuos and humble reflections on herself, which gives her determination on things she can do and things she can improve on. Her learning thus never ends, even with a everyday life chores.

Zyra Park– Our REFLECTIVE Student of the Month.

Zyra Park
Zyra ParkGrade 12A

Connell_WilliamWilliam Arthur Connell

Will asks meaningful questions on a regular basis. He is constantly spreading awareness of new ideas and information that is not only interesting for himself, but useful to others as well. He is passionate about learning, and very enthusiastic in sharing his knowledge.

Will is naturally curious because he always asks questions to be able to understand or find an answer to. He enjoys asking questions and enjoys learning new things that would help him throughout his life. He is very aware of certain events and/or information and he likes to be independent in learning even if they are not always accurate. His enthusiasm for education is the beginning of his natural curiosity.

William Arthur Connell – Our INQUIRER Student of the Month.

werdenberg amandaAmanda Werdenberg

Amanda is very knowledgeable in many different ways. We have history class together and whenever we have discussions, I can see how her answers to each question raised reflects what she understands about the topic. Also, I have been in MUN last year with Amanda. I can see how Amanda shines in MUN by deeply exploring about world issues and its global significance. Thus, Amanda not only is knowledgeable in terms of learning different subjects, but also in global world issues.

As Secretary-General of Model United Nations, Amanda is naturally knowledgeable. I always ask her questions about current events and global issues and most of the time she doesn’t only answer my question, but also enlightens me even more. Also we have History class together, and during our discussions I can see that she really understands what she is talking about, and even goes beyond the required reading. Amanda is a studious individual, and is also naturally curious, so she always has a bunch of information up her sleeve. Also, the knowledge she possesses is not just random facts, but she is deeply insightful regarding a variety of globally significant fields.

Amanda Werdenberg – Our KNOWLEDGEABLE Student of the Month.

jaezcielle ohJaezcielle Oh

Aezie is an outside of the box thinker who critically and creatively recognize and approach complex problems. When she finds a problem, she recognizes why she has a problem and then find reasoned arguments and solutions to be able to solve those problems. In history, when she has difficulty in supporting and explaining her arguments, she critically thinks of reasonable solutions to support and explain her argument for other students to understand what she is expressing.

Jaezcielle Oh – Our THINKER Student of the Month.

sonia namSonia Nam

I have seen Sonia developed from a very quiet unassuming student to a very confident one; albeit a low key one.  As the President of the Students for Students Club she is very articulate in composing letters that are submitted to the Administrators concerned.  She leads the club every week with determination and purpose to ensure that the meeting will go smoothly and that the objectives are carried out .  While she is soft-spoken she can send her ideas across and she can be very firm about it.  Her discipline and maturity is way above the rest of the group.  She can be very productive even if unsupervised.  She is very organized in thoughts and in deed.  Being fluent in three languages gives her the advantage to be able to communicate well with almost everybody inside or outside the school. In all of our club projects, she is usually the one communicating with Mr. Petrillo and Ms. Almanzor pertaining the status of our request or the things that we need to accomplice in order for our projects to be approved.  She faces problems head on and although she would be really stressed about certain setbacks, you will not see it in her face.  She is very steadfast in making sure that her duties are performed to the best of her abilities.

Sonia Nam – Our COMMUNICATOR Student of the Month.

iris dominique limIris Lim

Abby is a principled student because as a friend and classmate, she acts with integrity and honesty. She believes everyone should have their own fair share, justice and should have respect for one another. She takes responsibility for her own actions and consequences and always believes that there is a reason for everything. No matter what obstacles she faces, she works at her best with the strengths and weaknesses she has and takes responsibility for the outcomes. Abby learns from each outcome no matter how successful they are because she knows she can do better.

Iris Dominique Lim – Our PRINCIPLED Student of the Month.

taewoo kimTaewoo Kim

Tae Woo is a very open-minded individual. He might have a very strong conviction on what he believes in in terms of his own faith but he does not discriminate other students and people in general with different views. He is friend with everybody and recognizes differences in opinions and acknowledges his own shortcomings and weaknesses. He is very humble and yet is not afraid to express his views in life. His exposure to different cultures through his pastoral work has helped him become more understanding and appreciative of others. He knows what he wants in life at a very early age and is working hard to get there. He is a gentleman through and through.

Taewoo Kim – Our OPEN-MINDED Student of the Month.

sofia evidenteSofia Evidente

As a friend, classmate and former teammate, Sofia is able to show sympathy, compassion and respect to anyone that I’ve seen her with. Her service to others helps the community which makes a difference in everyone’s life. Her commitment to service also helps extend her friendships which is able to expand her care for anyone. Whoever you are, Sofia is able to take time to talk to you if you need anyone for school, life, activities, to give some advice, have some laughs, and more. The environment she has is always positive and even if she is just walking by you, she will find a way to say something positive to you or at least say HI or HELLO. As the President of NHS, her unique way to help our community create a fun and healthy environment, just like when she is in Shining Through Service, MUN and more. She impacts everyone differently through different ways, even if you don’t see or feel it, her presence is always there.

Sofia Evidente – Our CARING Student of the Month.

sofia evidenteRana Kang

Rana has intense curiousity. This leads her to take risks in her writing, reading, and assignments ( e.g. EE) and in her life. She helps her classmates by bringing a sophisticated outlook to our Interactive oral discussions and never takes the easy or lazy way out. This commitment for her subject, Literature, brings risks. Her passion is brave. She is a very worthy nominee of IB Risk Taker.

Rana Kang – Our RISK TAKER Student of the Month.

Mariline Van EsMariline Van Es

Christelle is the epitome of a balanced student. She is able to manage her time between participating in sports to turning her work in on time. She is also able to balance in leading Varsity Council while making sure that she is prepared for any tests or quizzes. As one of her friends, I believe that she is able to make time for herself, prioritizing her well-being while ensuring that others are also comfortable. She is the best person to ask for advice in terms of methods on how to balance school work, extracurriculars, social life, and personal life. She is the perfect student that most students look up to, whether they study in BISS or not. She can balance her emotional, mental, physical and social state without compromising her overall capabilities and conditions. Without fail, Christelle is able to put aside her emotions for each of her decisions. All of this is why Christelle is the most balanced student here in BISS.

Christelle serves as a role model to our entire community. Go on ask a student who their favorite athlete is, out of 10, every single student would say Christelle. Regardless of her gifted ability in sport, she also resembles a well-rounded individual. With all her commitment to varisty sports, she is also an excellent student academically, each and every assignment is handed in on time; no excuses are given to teachers whatsoever because she get things done. Oftentimes I wonder what she’s made out of because no student can be as balanced as Christelle. She is phyisically, intellectually, and emotionally stable, her abilities are put into use not solely for herself but for others – her friends, teachers and our school. I also believe that she utilizes her emotions only when necessary. She never allows her emotional feelings to hinder her decisions, she knows when her emotions have to enter and comfortably helps her fellow peers through talks and even the smallest words of hope.

Mariline Van Es – Our BALANCED Student of the Month.

Zyra ParkZyra Park

Zyra has an open and wide perspective on herself. The responsibility she shows as she leads various activities including the production, Weekly Best, MUN and so many to list. I believe that such responsibility is coming from continuos and humble reflections on herself, which gives her determination on things she can do and things she can improve on. Her learning thus never ends, even with a everyday life chores.

Zyra Park – Our REFLECTIVE Student of the Month.