Promotion and⁄or Retention Policies

The language proficiency skills of the students are evaluated at the end of every semester for promotion or retention. Therefore, levels may only change at the end of first and second semester.

All teachers evaluate the language skills of ESL students for promotion and/or retention. This happens twice a year: December and May.

Factors considered for language skill evaluation are the following:

  • Results of Standardized Exam
  • Teacher’s Evaluations
  • Class Performance (Grades)

Requirements for Promotion and/or Retention

  • For an ESL student to be promoted, he/she must incur a grade of 80% (B-) or better in his/her ESL classes.
  • No promotion is granted to an ESL student incurring F in any subject (except Math).
  • If during deliberations the student has a D-range grade in one of his subjects, his promotion will be placed on probationary status until the release of the final grades.
  • Majority of the teachers must agree with a YES recommendation for promotion.
  • The ESL HOD and principal must approve the promotion/retention.