Grading Policies

  • The school Grading Policy does not provide a final average for the ESL subjects as ESL is a special program and a semester course.
  • Though without ESL final grade, but because Brent honors are given at the end of every semester, ESL students are qualified in receiving honors.
  • ESL students are graded by the ESL teachers in the ESL subjects that they attend.
  • Lower School Homeroom teachers in Grades 1, 2, 3 grade the ESL students in Science and Social Science since they are immersed in these two subjects unless a special Language Support schedule is set for the students.

2-Week Assessment Period
In the first 2 weeks upon the entry of ESL students:

  • all ESL students, new or returning, are given the opportunity to show their level of language proficiency in language classes for final placement.
  • all new ESL students entering the program all throughout the year undergo this period, aside from those entering late in the year.
  • ESL teachers, homeroom teachers, mainstream English teachers, and Modern Language teachers observe the language skills of the students in their respective classes.
  • the ESL HOD and Principal must approve the final level placement.