ESL Programs

Academic Program

The ESL Lower School Program is based on an integrated curriculum designed to help students make successful transition into the mainstream academic curriculum. It provides dynamic activities that are student-centered. The diversity of strategies recognizes individual differences and addresses individual needs within a systematic framework.

The ESL Lower School course consists of listening, speaking, reading, and writing while focusing on cognitive academic language learning which incorporates language learning in a content area instruction.

  • ESL Language Arts uses its own curriculum.
  • ESL Science and Social Science follows the mainstream curriculum for academic integration purposes.
ESL Lower School supports the students in acquiring English as their second language, which they need in social and academic communication.
ESL Levels

ESL is a semester program that offers intensive language courses in English language development, and integrated language skills in Social Studies and Science classes.

Students attending this program are placed in the following levels based on their language proficiency skills.

  • ESL 1    Low-Intermediate Level
  • ESL 2    Intermediate Level
  • ESL 3    High-Intermediate Level
  • ESL 4    Advance Level

The language proficiency skills of the students are evaluated at the end of every semester for promotion or retention. This program takes a progressive mainstream approach; hence, the ESL department equips every ESL student with the language and academic skills they need in mainstream classes.

ESL requirements in Middle and Upper School are stricter because of the higher language level and more rigorous instructions in these levels.