Mission Statement

Brent School Subic is by definition a private, international, coeducational, college preparatory day school associated with the Episcopal Church in the Philippines. Brent Subic, along with its sister schools, has adopted the following Mission Statement — a statement that not only provides a strong foundation for the school’s entire educational philosophy, but one that captures the essence of Bishop Brent’s educational vision:

Brent School, in a Christian ecumenical environment in the Philippines, is committed to develop individual students as responsible global citizens and leaders in their respective communities — students with a multicultural and international perspective and who are fully equipped for entry to colleges and universities throughout the world.

To actualize the above mission statement, each Brent School (Baguio, Manila, and Subic) has adopted a holistically–based, well–rounded educational philosophy — a philosophy which appropriately focuses not only on the intellectual maturation of students, but also on their physical, religious, and social development as well. Thus, as a Christian, ecumenically tolerant institution, Brent School Subic not only prepares students for admission to leading colleges and universities throughout the world, but it also empowers students to acquire the following important tasks:

  1. Students are taught to become rational, intellectually curious, discriminating, tolerant, and receptive to new ideas.
  2. Students are trained to develop self–awareness and a sense of direction and dedication.
  3. Students are encouraged to acquire a sense of commitment to religious and human values and to the needs of society.
  4. Students are exhorted to develop an interest in scientific and technical development.
  5. Students are educated to appreciate their own culture and that of others.
  6. Students are encouraged to become responsible and productive members of society.
  7. Students are taught to take good care of their physical health.

To ensure the credibility of the above goals and philosophy, Brent School Subic, as a private nonprofit corporation, is fully accredited as a college–preparatory school by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and by the Philippine Department of Education, Culture, and Sports (DECS).

Expected School–Wide Learning Results (ESLRs)

Brent School’s philosophy is summarized in the Expected School-wide Learning Results which state that the school, in a Christian environment, prepares its students to be:

  • Responsible Citizens who:
    1. exercise leadership
    2. work effectively with others in diverse settings
    3. resolve conflicts productively and peacefully
    4. demonstrate a sense of civic awareness
    5. contribute responsibly to the community
  • Critical Thinkers who:
    1. distinguish between facts and opinions
    2. construct and recognize the structure of arguments
    3. define, analyze, and solve problems
    4. organize and analyze materials and data
    5. integrate information and see relationships
    6. evaluate information by drawing inferences and arriving at reasonable conclusions
    7. apply understanding and knowledge to new and different problems
    8. remain open to new information, methods, values and beliefs
  • Technologically Literate Individuals who:
    1. demonstrate basic technology skill
    2. apply technology ethically and productively
    3. communicate using technology
    4. conduct research using technology
    5. use technology to enhance critical thinking
  • Healthy Individuals who:
    1. understand and demonstrate physical, mental, and spiritual health
    2. develop life-long health and fitness goals
    3. understand substance abuse, its effects and consequences
  • Tolerant Individuals who:
    1. respect themselves and others
    2. understand and appreciate the diversity and interdependence of all people
    3. deal effectively with conflict caused by diversity of opinions and beliefs
    4. respect the role of gender, religion, culture and ethnicity in the world
  • Effective Communicators who:
    1. articulate thoughts clearly
    2. demonstrate an understanding of their audience
    3. take responsibility for their message
    4. demonstrate the ability to listen actively
    5. use a variety of communication skills
  • Life-long Learners who:
    1. demonstrate intellectual curiosity
    2. are self-directed
    3. integrate and apply what they learn to improve their own lives
    4. understand the value of continuous learning
    5. reflect on and evaluate their learning for the purpose of self improvement
    6. use a range of learning strategies and time management skills to enhance learning