In the early 1900s, the Right Reverend Charles Henry Brent, one of the greatest figures in this century, came to the Philippines and became the first Bishop of the Episcopal Church in the Philippines.¬†Bishop Brent’s ministry was marked by three major goals:

  1. To provide quality education to the youth of the Philippines and resident children of the international community.
  2. To bring together, in work and prayer, both Christians from around the world and people who practice other religious faith.
  3. To lead an energetic fight against moral degeneration, particularly the rampant opium drug use of his generation.

Today, all institutions founded in the name of Bishop Brent are dedicated to carrying on the Bishop’s dreams and goals. With regard to 1) above, Bishop Brent founded Brent School Baguio in 1909 to serve the children of expatriate families residing in the Philippines. Following Brent’s initial vision and broad philosophy, two other schools have since been established in Manila (1984) and Subic (1994). Although the three schools are independent of each other, they support the same mission statement.

In September 1994, the Board of Trustees of Brent Schools, Inc. received an invitation from the Honorable Richard J. Gordon, SBMA Chairman, to open a school in Subic for children of foreign investors and residents of the local community. The Board of Trustees accepted Mr. Gordon’s invitation with great optimism and was subsequently granted use of the facilities of the Binictican Elementary School originally built by the U.S. Navy for its dependents.

With great facilities and a sustainable educational program firmly established, Brent International School Subic eventually became independently incorporated in 1995 as a subsidiary corporation of Brent Schools, Inc. Although Brent Subic opened its first year with only nine students, it now supports a total enrollment of over 300 pupils from different countries. It is expected to continue to grow rapidly as new investors pour into SBMA from all over the world.