Admissions Policies

Brent International School, Subic is primarily a college–preparatory institution. Only students who intend to seek admission to a college or university will be accepted.

We operate on a rolling admission policy. This means there is no specific deadline to apply for admission throughout the school year.

Students with exceptionalities will be admitted based upon the school’s ability to meet their educational needs. Applicants are admitted and retained on the basis of their ability to meet the academic, moral, and behavioral standards of the school.

Admissions Criteria

Brent School charges the Admissions Committee to make decisions in the best interest of the applicant, as well as in the interest of the specific grade level.The Admissions Committee of Brent School evaluates and considers the following:

  • evaluation of qualifying test results

  • review of academic records from the former school

  • recommendation from the former school

  • English language proficiency for regular students

  • o English as a Second Language (ESL) is only available in grades 1-8. Applicants requiring ESL support in grades 9-12 will be subject to further evaluation.

  • Presence of any learning differences, special needs or giftedness

  • interview with the applicant and his or her family

In accordance with its commitment to being a family school, special consideration is given to qualified siblings of currently enrolled students. Despite this consideration there is no guarantee of admission.

Placement Policy

Brent takes into consideration the birth date of the student and the grade level most recently completed. For the younger students, developmental readiness is also evaluated. Our goal is to place students with age-appropriate peers in the next logical step of their curricular path in order to predict a high level of academic and social success. Brent uses December 31 as a cut off date for grade placement. Nursery students should turn three years old by December 31 of the year they are enrolled (and be potty-trained). Pre-Kindergarten students should turn four years old by December 31. Kindergarten students should turn five years old, first grade students should turn six, etc…

Due to having a cut-off date later than most schools, the Admissions Committee is often conservative with Nursery, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten applicants having October, November, and December birthdays. Even if an applicant’s birthday is before Brent’s cut-off date, the grade level below might be recommended for the sake of developmental readiness. Acceptance decisions are made on a case-by-case basis, keeping in mind both the skills of the applicant and the students already enrolled in Brent.

If an applicant seeks enrollment at Brent significantly after the start of our school year without having started the grade level applying for, a placement at Brent in the same grade level completed at their previous school can be expected. This situation occurs mostly with applicants from Australia due to our academic calendars being off by half of a year. Even if a high school student is quite capable academically, not being able to meet graduation requirements due to missing course credits prevents Brent from promoting a student to the next grade level. This will lengthen a student’s time in a particular grade level by a few weeks or months, and this extension often serves to aid in the student’s transition by allowing them needed time to adjust to the teachers, curriculum and new friends at Brent.

Entrance Tests

Entrance tests and interviews are scheduled individually throughout the year by appointment only when the complete application packet has been submitted.

The entrance tests are administered to all applicants of Kindergarten and above, including former Brent students returning after one or more years of absence from Brent.


    o The entrance tests are usually done in the morning, Monday through Friday.

    o Interviews are scheduled the following day.

Admissions Committee

The Admissions Committee makes decisions in the best interest of the applicant, as well as in the interest of the specific grade level.

The Committee is comprised of:

    o Admissions Director

    o Headmaster

    o Principal

    o ESL Coordinator (if students are coming from a NESB)

The right is reserved to refuse admission to any applicant who does not meet the admissions requirements. The right is also reserved to determine the placement of an accepted applicant in the grade level or subjects deemed most appropriate for the student’s success.

Admission Status Decisions


    o An applicant is approved for admissions and the family pays the U.S. $500 non-refundable Slot Reservation Deposit.

    o The Admission Agreement from should be signed within three working days from the family’s receipt of the written notice of acceptance.

Wait Pool

    o An applicant meets all admissions requirements and is approved for admission, but space is not available in the grade level or program.

    o The family may choose to pay a refundable U.S. $600 to be placed on the wait pool.

    o The applicant will be notified as soon as space becomes available.

    o Brent International School Subic offers no guarantee that a space will open.

    o The name of the applicant will remain on the wait pool (only for the academic year accepted for) until a space opens or the application is withdrawn.


    o An applicant is not approved for admission.

    o The Admissions Committee is not able to predict success for the applicant at Brent International School Subic, either academically or behaviorally.

    o REAPPLYING: A mandatory six-month waiting period is required before a second application.

    o The Admissions Office will keep the original application materials, and there is no need to pay the application fee if admission is sought within one year of the initial application.

    o New academic records, confidential evaluation forms, and entrance tests are usually required for the second application.

Grade 11 and 12 Applicants (IB)

IB is an internationally recognized and externally examined diploma program. It consists of two‑year courses spread over grades 11 and 12. As a result, it is rare to accept a new student into grade 12, especially in the middle of the year. If a course schedule can be made guaranteeing the student will meet graduation requirements, then an acceptance can be offered.

Admission Notifications and Slot Reservation

  1. After an applicant is notified of acceptance, an Enrollment and Admission Agreements are offered to the family.

    The contract contains specific information about financial obligations, admissions agreement, and procedures for re–enrollment and withdrawals.

  2. An Enrollment Slot Reservation deposit of $500.00 should be paid within the next 5 working days (7:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.). The signed Agreements are due with the deposit.

  3. This deposit ensures a slot for the applicant, otherwise the slot may be given to another applicant.
    This deposit is non–refundable but is credited towards the school fees upon enrollment.


  1. Before coming to the school to enroll, visit or call the Accounting office first for the exact assessment of school fees,  telephone no. is +63 (47) 252 6833.

  2. Proceed to the Bookstore to purchase uniforms and get supplies.

  3. *All instructions for transitioning in BISS may be found in the New Family Information Guide given to the applicant upon acceptance.


      o Brent Subic applicants register for bus service at the Admin Office (optional).


    o Students are required to live with at least one parent while enrolled at Brent. This policy is enforced beginning on the date an applicant is scheduled for entrance tests and interviews.

    o Students whose parents live abroad may be admitted, provided there is a written affidavit of guardianship signed by the parent(s) and the guardian(s). It is understood that the designated guardian(s) will be responsible for the child and will act for and on behalf of the parents on matters pertaining to the child’s education at Brent.

    o Students who are of legal age (18 years, above) is encouraged guardianship.

For further inquiries, please contact the Director of Admissions at +63 (47) 6871 or +63 (47) 252 6873.

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