Admissions Placement

Grade Placement

The School reserves the option of placing a student into an appropriate grade and class section. Students are assigned to an instructional level according to five categories: previous school records, performance on achievement tests, physical and emotional maturation, and any relevant data requested by the Registrar to help determine grade eligibility.

As a general rule, no student will be placed in a grade without showing proof of satisfactory completion of the previous grade. At the Upper School level, Brent School's educational curriculum consists of six years beyond the sixth grade. This means that the "first year" of the Philippine high school system does not correspond with Brent School's ninth grade. This is important to know for students who may be transferring to Brent from local schools.

Course Placement

No student is ever admitted into a course unless he/she has complied with the prerequisites for the course. In case of doubt, course placement will be decided according to the student’s level of ability. This level will be determined through tests administered by the Department concerned.

With regard to Modern Languages, the School offers Mandarin, and Spanish. Languages are classified as Language A and Language B. Language A is the native language of the student while Language B refers to a language foreign to the student. Each student must take one Language A and one Language B. Exceptions to this rule apply to Filipino students for whom English and Filipino are considered to be A–level languages, and for ESL students who may take their native language as a First language, with private tutors, under the supervision of the Department involved. After being advised of the Philippine requirements concerning entrance into local colleges/universities, Filipino students shall be encouraged to take Filipino as their Modern Language if they plan to enroll in one of the local colleges/universities.  

Students in Grade 9 are informed that once they select a Modern Language, they must study if for the remainder of their high school years since 4 units of the same language are required for graduation. Transfer students in grades 10–12 with no background in any Modern Language may not be candidates for the Brent Diploma unless they take at least a two-year course.

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